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July 15 2013

0201 106b
beach, girl, girly

Image size: 612x612

July 14 2013

2496 f902
color, girly, perfect

Image size: 400x266
2498 ad47
abs, boy, perfect

Image size: 400x305

July 11 2013

5115 af86
cars, colorful

Image size: 479x720

July 09 2013

8403 6e06
arty, ring, jewelry

Image size: 600x600

July 08 2013

8405 335a
Relationship, before i die, bucket list

Image size: 500x320
8407 d783
Relationship, boys, fight

Image size: 612x612
4832 83c8
colour, cute, girl

Image size: 499x707
8408 adbd
OMG, beautiful, black and white

Image size: 500x333
8410 1150
girl, photography, quote

Image size: 500x333

July 07 2013

8412 c9d5
AHH, Relationship, boy

Image size: 500x370
8414 5a66
amazing, beautiful, girl

Image size: 500x499
8416 0009
bedroom, clothes, floor

Image size: 500x250
1214 1c9b
Dream, JB, beatch

Image size: 612x612
8418 441f
bitch, lip, love

Image size: 500x375
8419 91df
awesome, chanel, cigarettes

Image size: 500x333

July 06 2013

8421 9484
makeup, love, pretty

Image size: 600x700
6778 e01f
Piercings, awesome, diamonds

Image size: 400x367
6781 6473
makeup, love, want

Image size: 800x800
5021 55e7
air, amazing, art

Image size: 400x600
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